The center's work on state budget issues helps policy makers, advocates, the media, and the general public understand the effect that Texas' two-year budget will have on low- and moderate-income families.

Recent Budget Publications

Funding Child Protection in Texas (10/1/2004)

Texans have recently heard one tragic story after another about the failure of our child protection system. In this policy brief, we explain that Texas has a small, inadequately funded child protection system. We then describe where the state gets money for child protection. Finally, we discuss emerging funding challenges.

All About the Money: The State Budget (09/30/2004)

Presentation to Houston One Voice Collaborative.

UPDATE on Medicaid and CHIP Cuts: What Was Restored in Recent Actions? (09/2/2004)

Some confusion has surrounded recent budget announcements by the Governor and actions by the Legislative Budget Board (LBB). This brief Policy Page describes how the actions taken will affect Medicaid and CHIP cuts, and explains which major cuts to those programs remain.

State Proposes Slashing Spending by Another 5 Percent (06/17/2004)

On June 16, the Legislative Budget Board and Governor's Budget Office issued instructions to Texas state agencies and public universities for their 2006-07 budget requests. Agencies have been told to ask for 5 percent less in General Revenue for the next two-year budget than they are spending in the current 2004-05 period.

Truth and Consequences: The State Budget for 2004-05 and its Impact on Texans (06/1/2004)

This report provides an overview of the major fiscal decisions included in the state budget for 2004 and 2005 and the impact of those decisions on low-income Texans.

Hobby Conference Presentation on Federal Budget Issues (05/14/2004)

Outlines the major federal funds in the state budget.

State Budget Developments: A Legislative Update from Austin (04/22/2004)

Presentation to St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities on the impact of HHS changes made in the 2003 legislative session, such as HHS reorganization and state budget cuts.

$469 Million Available Now to Restore Medicaid Benefits for Elderly and Disabled (04/2/2004)

According to the Texas Comptroller, $469.3 million in unused state dollars are available which could be allocated to reduce the health and human service budget cuts passed by the 78th Texas Legislature.

State Budget Cuts & HHS Consolidation (03/23/2004)

Presentation to the Waco Nonprofit Network on state budget cuts for 2004-05 and the implementation of HHS agency reorganization.

How Much Does Texas Spend on Public Education? (03/1/2004)

The first question many people ask about public school finance seems like the simplest: how much does Texas spend to educate our 4.2 million school children? The answer is important in the current debate about how to raise and distribute money for public education. Before we can decide whether we need to spend more, we have to know how much we are spending now.

Losing Ground: The Texas State Budget for 2004-05 (01/1/2004)

Effects of state budget cuts in the 2003 session.

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