The center's work on state budget issues helps policy makers, advocates, the media, and the general public understand the effect that Texas' two-year budget will have on low- and moderate-income families.

Recent Budget Publications

Federal Budget Decisions Impact Texas (09/23/1999)

As Oct. 1 deadline nears, social services and other appropriations for fiscal 2000 still undecided.

TANF Spending for 2000-01 (09/3/1999)

This Policy Page sums up the policy decisions that led to the TANF spending plan included in the General Appropriations Act for 2000 and 2001, with a focus on how the TANF surplus was allocated. It also describes developments, such as the final TANF regulations issued by the federal government, that will influence how state agencies use TANF funds in the next two years and beyond.

Critical Funding Decisions Made by Budget Conferees (05/27/1999)

Under the HB 1 conference committee's recommendations, health and human services agencies would receive $27.4 billion in all funds (including the tobacco settlement), up 4% from the current biennium. This Policy Page summarizes the major decisions made by the conferees about how that amount will be allocated to specific programs.

HB 1 Conference: What's at Stake for HHS (04/30/1999)

On April 26th, the House Bill 1 (Appropriations Act for 2000 and 2001) Conference Committee began meeting to work out the differences between the Senate's $98.4 billion state spending proposal and the $97 billion budget that cleared the House on April 13. Most health and human services agencies are scheduled to be heard by the committee on Sunday, May 2. This Policy Page highlights the major differences in the Senate budget that must be reconciled by the conferees.

CSHB 1: Good & Bad News for Human Services Budgets (04/19/1999)

$29 billion in House-recommended 2000-01 budget for HHS agencies and TWC; another $5.7 billion in unmet HHS and education needs in Article XI "wish list."

76th Legislative Session: TIES Developments (04/13/1999)

This Policy Page describes funding proposals made by the House and Senate that will have to be decided by the budget conference committee later this session, and summarizes TIES-related legislation.

Child Protective Services Budget Issues (03/12/1999)

One health and human service budget issue that has successfully captured legislators' attention and support is the need to increase funding for the Texas Department of Regulatory Services (DPRS), the state agency responsible for investigating and preventing abuse or neglect of Texas children and adults, regulating child care facilities, and providing foster care and adoption services for children who cannot remain in their biological families. An emergency spending package is likely to provide more money to DPRS in the remainder of this fiscal year, and the general appropriations act (HB 1/SB 2) will probably provide more resources for 2000 and 2001, although not as much as is needed to fully address Texas' child abuse crisis.

House Appropriations Wraps Up HHS Budget Hearings (02/23/1999)

Senate Finance Committee Now Hearing Agency Spending Requests; Funding Gaps Exist Between HHS Needs and LBB Proposals.

Legislators Hear Center's TANF Proposals (02/12/1999)

TANF Investment Plan Presented to House Appropriations HHS Subcommittee.

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