The center's work on state budget issues helps policy makers, advocates, the media, and the general public understand the effect that Texas' two-year budget will have on low- and moderate-income families.

Recent Budget Publications

The TANF Block Grant and the State Budget (08/1/1997)

This Policy Page will report on the final decisions on allocation of the TANF block grant and provide details of how the TANF surplus was finally allocated.

U.S. House Ways and Means Committee Retreats from Bipartisan Budget Agreement (06/13/1997)

Shaw proposal would deny SSI to more disabled legal immigrants.

Key Programs Need Funding as Conference Committee Considers Welfare, Health and Human Service Issues (05/2/1997)

The Conference Committee on the State Budget, which has the job of taking the House and Senate adopted budgets and coming up with a final compromise budget, will discuss allocation of funds for Health and Human Service programs the week of May 5. Planning for the allocation of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant has been underway for several weeks. However, many major issues regarding HHS funding are expected to be left pending until HB 4, the property tax bill, is finalized.

House and Senate TANF Spending Plans Fall Short in Meeting Needs of TANF Recipients (03/14/1997)

The House and Senate are discussing proposals for spending the $393 millioni Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) surplus. Although both are good starting points, neither represents the final product. We anticipate further work on these plans, particularly in the Senate since the Finance Committee has not yet debated allocating TANF.

Health and Immigration Issues & the Federal Welfare Act: Texas Update (02/18/1997)

In this Policy Page we provide an update on the latest information regarding the provisions of the Welfare Act. The ultimate impact of a number of health-related provisions is not yet clear.

House and Senate Budget Committees Consider TANF Surplus (02/8/1997)

There is an estimated $358.2 million in excess TANF funds in the coming biennium. There is also the potential of excess state general revenue as well.

UPDATE: Senate Budget Hearing Set for Health and Human Services Agencies (01/17/1997)

The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled budget hearings for all state agencies. (A tentative schedule for health and human service agency hearings is below.) At these hearings, state agencies will testify about the Legislative Budget Board's funding recommendation for their agency in the FY 98-99 biennium. Concerned citizens, organizations, and advocates are also invited to testify.

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