The Center for Public Policy Priorities is the Texas home to KIDS COUNT, a national and state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the U.S. funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. In addition to publishing annual reports, the center also offers access to an interactive, comprehensive database of county-by-county and state data on child well-being.

Recent KIDS COUNT Publications

A Tale of Two Regions: Rural and Urban Kids Face Similar Challenges (12/9/2004)

Children who live in rural and urban Texas often share the same kinds of problems, barriers, and disconnections, according to the City and Rural KIDS COUNT Data Book, just released by the Center for Public Policy Priorities and the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The State of Texas Children 2004 (09/1/2004)

The Center for Public Policy Priorities is pleased to present The State of Texas Children 2004. This year we depart from the formats used in prior years. In our 2004 report, we display a key set of measures on child well-being through a series of maps that show how each county compares with others and with the state as a whole. Through text we provide commentary on the data, explain how the reader can access additional data from our comprehensive website, and discuss how the reader can use the data to inform debate and guide decisions about public policy. The data book is also a wall calendar.We encourage you to display it so that you are reminded daily of the work that must be done for our children and as a conversation starter about the needs of our children. The maps on these pages reflect the patterns we are weaving through the loom of public policy. The days on these pages divide time but do not slow its passage. By drawing these maps and marking these days, we hope to increase your sense of urgency about improving the state of Texas children.

2004 State of Texas Children Website (06/13/2004)

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