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Recent Food/Nutrition Publications

More Texas Children Eating Breakfast at School, but State Could Do More to Increase Participation and Federal Funds (12/7/2006)
According to a report released today by the national Food Research and Action Center (FRAC), 33,140 more Texas students have participated in the federally-funded school breakfast program since 2004. Yet despite these gains, millions of Texas school children still don’t take advantage of the program.

Answers to Summer Food Challenges: An Advocate’s Perspective (12/5/2006)
At the USDA Southwest Region's Task Force Meeting, Celia Hagert discussed the barriers involved in providing summer meals to children and the role of advocacy in helping communities overcome these barriers.

Immigrants and Food Stamps: Separating the Facts from the Fiction (11/7/2006)
Celia Hagert presented on immigrant access to food stamps at the Texas Association of Community Action Agencies' training for food stamp outreach subcontractors.

Texas Doing Right by its Kids on School Lunch: Austin American-Statesman (10/12/2006)
This week marks National School Lunch Week, a time to commemorate a program that makes it possible for every child in America to have a school lunch. It is also a time to celebrate the fact that Texas leads the nation in providing these healthy meals.

Today is Hunger Awareness Day (06/6/2006)
Today is National Hunger Awareness Day, the grassroots movement to raise awareness about the hunger crisis in America. In Texas, it is a solemn reminder that we suffer the highest rate of “food insecurity” in the nation, with 16.4% of households at risk for hunger and 4.9% of households experiencing hunger " well above the national average of 11.4% (food insecure) and 3.6% (hungry).

Problems Enrolling in Public Benefits? (04/19/2006)
Texas is using a new system to sign up for or renew Food Stamps, Children’s Medicaid/CHIP, and TANF. Some people may be having problems getting benefits using the new system, or you may be helping someone who is having a problem signing up. CPPP is not a state or federal agency and we cannot sign you up for benefits, but we can tell you who to report your problem to...

Food Stamp Issues and Challenges (04/18/2006)
Celia Hagert presented invited testimony on food stamp changes at the federal level as well as food stamp access in the new integrated eligibility system.

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