The center focuses on health care access, immigrants' access to services, food and nutrition, the state's eligibility and enrollment system, and TANF.

Recent Food/Nutrition Publications

Implementation of New Food Stamp Rules Delayed (12/19/2001)
This Policy Page explains the proposed rules and urges readers to contact the Texas Department of Human Services' (DHS) board in support of the immediate implementation of these important policy changes.

New Food Stamp Rules Will Improve Access to Benefits (11/1/2001)
At its August meeting, the Texas Board of Human Services approved rules to implement a provision, which provides for new telephone interview options for Food Stamp applicants and recipients. This Policy Page explains the new rules as well as steps the anti-hunger community can take to publicize the telephone interview options to low-income Texans in need of nutrition assistance.

Food Stamp Reauthorization on Fast Track (07/21/2001)
This Policy Page discusses possible improvements to Food Stamps that could be made as part of the Farm Bill and lists IMMEDIATE steps anti-hunger advocates should take to weigh in with members of the Texas Congressional delegation in charge of these decisions.

Wrap-Up of Anti-Hunger Legislation in the 77th Session (06/7/2001)
The 77th legislature passed several important pieces of legislation this session. These bills will significantly improve access to the Food Stamp Program, provide funding for nutrition programs outreach, and assist food banks in their efforts to feed the hungry. The purpose of this Policy Page is both to inform you about these developments and to thank everyone whose hard work and support contributed to these gains in the fight against hunger.

Food Stamp Access Will Impact Medicaid Simplification (03/22/2001)
This Policy Page describes the Food Stamp bills, how they complement the Medicaid simplification bills, and what you can do to support Food Stamp simplification.

Food Stamp Decline Means Loss of Federal Funds (03/20/2001)
County Estimates of Actual vs. Potential Food Stamp Benefit Revenue in 1999.

House Set to Vote on Food Bank Bill (03/17/2001)
On Tuesday, March 20, the House will vote on whether to fund a grants program at the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to assist food banks in collecting surplus or unmarketable fresh produce offered by Texas farmers for distribution to low-income families across the state. This policy page provides background on this legislation and its importance to private, charitable efforts to feed hungry families in Texas.

Enhanced Food Stamp Funding (01/23/2001)
In August 2000, the Texas Department of Human Services (DHS) received $27.9 in enhanced federal funds from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for its success in improving payment accuracy and reducing fraud in the Food Stamp Program in fiscal 1999. An additional $4.9 in unspent enhanced funds received in 1999 is also available for a total of $32.9 million. Last session, the legislature directed DHS to spend $2 million of the enhanced funds received in 1999 on nutrition programs outreach. DHS' proposal to the legislature for spending the $32.9 million does not include any funding for initiatives to improve access to nutrition assistance for low-income families. This Policy Page summarizes DHS' proposal and the center's recommendations for using these funds.

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