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Advocates Want to Know: Why Were 3,800 Texas Medicaid Applicants Denied Benefits in First 3 Months of New Federal Policy? (12/1/2006)
Since July 2006, the federal government requires that states make U.S. citizens prove their status in order to receive Medicaid. Three months later, Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) data reveal that nearly 3,800 applicantsâ€"two-thirds of them childrenâ€"have been denied Texas Medicaid strictly for lack of citizenship documentation.

Important Update on New Medicaid Citizenship Documentation Requirements and Texas (11/30/2006)
Some recent media reports have erroneously stated that the new federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rules deny Medicaid coverage to newborns of “Emergency Medicaid” non-citizen mothers. In fact, the new federal law and rule did not change eligibility for Medicaid in any way. It is critical that Texas health care providers and social service agencies understand the correct policy so that (1) eligible U.S. citizens are not wrongfully denied Medicaid, and (2) health care providers do not incur avoidable uncompensated care. Providers and community-based organizations should also make certain that Texas Medicaid policies are being followed correctly in their facilities and communities, because these policies should minimize Medicaid denials and delays for U.S. citizens of all agesâ€" not just newborns. Please share this important information with your staff who work with Medicaid applications.

Health Care Briefing, University of Texas at San Antonio (11/17/2006)
Eva DeLuna Castro presented the latest on Texas health care--what happened to Medicaid, CHIP, and state-funded public health services in the 79th legislative session, and what work remains heading into the 80th--at a UTSA-Downtown breakfast briefing.

Texas Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment Update for Children’s Hospital Association of Texas (10/24/2006)
Anne Dunkelberg presented the latest on Medicaid and CHIP enrollment at a briefing on children's issues hosted by the Texas Pediatric Society and the Children's Hospital Association of Texas.

Proof of Citizenship for Medicaid: Tell Us Your Stories! (10/19/2006)
Federal law now requires that states make U.S. citizens prove their status to get Medicaid. If you, or someone you are helping, has had Medicaid delayed or denied because of this new requirement, we want to know. If you or your client need help getting the documents required, or are not sure what is required, we will try to help you, or connect you with the help you need. If you are an agency or health care provider and want to track how this law is affecting your clients or patients, we would be happy to have your input.

Medicaid and CHIP Update (10/10/2006)
This powerpoint provides the latest information on CHIP and Medicaid.

An Advocate’s Perspective: Texas Medicaid Reforms (10/9/2006)
CPPP presented this invited testimony related to Medicaid cost containment options before the Texas Health and Human Services Subcommittee, House Committee on Appropriations.

Katrina Series (08/29/2006)
CPPP research on resources to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the areas of food and housing, health care, cash assistance, and unemployment insurance and employment services.

CPPP Urges Comments on Medicaid Citizenship Rules (08/1/2006)
Until August 11, the federal government is accepting comments from organizations and individuals concerned about a new rule that requires U.S. citizens who apply for or receive Medicaid prove their citizenship and identity. This rule threatens to block or delay access to health care for many Texas citizens, including pregnant women and children in foster care. CPPP encourages you to submit your comments by following the attached form. Our comments are attached.

Recent Trends in Texas Children's Medicaid and CHIP Coverage (07/26/2006)
Anne Dunkelberg delivered testimony before the Texas House Committee on Government Reform about the current state of Medicaid and CHIP.

HHSC Request for Proposals: Community Based Outreach and Application Assistance (07/18/2006)
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) released a Request for Proposals for Community Outreach and Assistance on June 6. CPPP wants to make sure that Texas community-based organizations are aware of this important opportunity. We believe that it is important that Texas organizations serving low-income workers and families, the elderly, and people with disabilities join forces to create robust networks capable of helping eligible Texans access the services they need--and helping keep them enrolled.

July 1: Proof of Citizenship Required for Medicaid, Federal Guidance Flawed (06/26/2006)
In just a few days, a new federal law will begin to change the way Texans apply for Medicaid and renew their coverage. On July 1, all U.S. citizens applying for Medicaid or renewing their Medicaid eligibility will have to prove their citizenship by presenting certain documentation. Texas has proposed a sensible approach to implementing the new requirements, but initial federal guidance could prevent prompt access to health care for new applicants, create a paperwork nightmare for the aged and disabled, and dramatically increase the state’s administrative costs.

Texas Health Care: What Has Happened and What Work Remains (06/19/2006)
Do you want a user-friendly guide to understanding what happened to health care in the 2005 legislative session and where things stand leading into the next session? CPPP, in partnership with Methodist Healthcare Ministries, is pleased to release this new report.

Rocky Road for Children's Health Care (06/13/2006)
This past November, the state began changing the way Texans enroll in public services. From the beginning the system has been troubled, and children’s health care has been especially hard hit. The number of kids receiving health care through Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program has dropped by over 108,000 since the new contractor took over.

Problems Enrolling in Public Benefits? (04/19/2006)
Texas is using a new system to sign up for or renew Food Stamps, Children’s Medicaid/CHIP, and TANF. Some people may be having problems getting benefits using the new system, or you may be helping someone who is having a problem signing up. CPPP is not a state or federal agency and we cannot sign you up for benefits, but we can tell you who to report your problem to...

Three Congressional Threats to Texas Health Care: Issues to Watch and Speak Out On (04/7/2006)
Learn the latest on three issues in Congress that are threatening health care right now: the Fiscal 2007 budget resolution, the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization Act, and immigration bills.

CPPP's Comments on HHSC's Proposal to Develop a Medical System for Children in Foster Care (03/20/2006)
CPPP prepared comments in response to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission's draft proposal to develop a medical system for children in foster care.

CHIP is Not Alone: Children's Medicaid Numbers Also Dropped Statewide (03/7/2006)
A CPPP analysis of new official Medicaid enrollment figures shows that problems with Texas' new partially-privatized benefit eligibility system are not limited to CHIP. Statewide, the number of children insured by Medicaid dropped for an unprecedented three consecutive months from November to February. The magnitude of the drop is also unprecedented, with nearly 79,000 fewer children enrolled in February 2006 than in November 2005. The state’s new benefit eligibility contractor assumed responsibility for processing new children’s Medicaid applications, along with CHIP, in November 2005.

The Latest Developments in Medicaid and CHIP (02/28/2006)
Anne Dunkelberg delivered three presentations: one providing an update on Medicaid and CHIP, another discussing lessons learned, and the other detailing the Texas Medicaid and the Breast And Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act.

Last Chance to Oppose Federal Medicaid Cuts (02/1/2006)
In what is expected to be a very close vote, the U.S. House will vote today, Wednesday, February 1, on budget reconciliation--whether to cuts billions in essential services. There is still time to call 1-800-426-8073 (courtesy of American Friend’s Committee) and ask to speak with your representative’s office. If the lines are busy, please be patient and try again, or visit && to find contact information for your Congressional representative.

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