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Recent Health Care Access Publications

Governor's Medicaid Reform Workgroup Requests Suggestions by January 16 (12/22/2003)
Perry has convened a workgroup of hospital administrators and others to review proposals for reducing Medicaid and CHIP spending for the 2005 Legislature. Recommendations are due by January 16.

Legislature's CHIP Policy Changes Have Already Reduced Children Covered by 49,000 (11/9/2003)
This CPPP Policy Page provides updated information on CHIP program changes and how they are reducing program enrollment.

The Texas Health Care Primer (11/1/2003)
The Health Care Primer provides an introductory overview of factors shaping Texans' access to health care.

State Budget 2004-005: Implications for Health Care and Vulnerable Texans (10/29/2003)
Presentation on health care cuts made in 2003.

Understanding Termination of Medicaid to TANF Recipients (09/12/2003)
The Texas Workforce Commission is proposing a rule that would have the effect of denying Medicaid to extremely poor parents on cash assistance who fail to do things such as meet health check up schedules for their kids or keep their teenagers in school.

Federal Medicaid Relief Funds Could Stop the Elimination of Medicaid Mental Health Services, Other Services (07/18/2003)
This Policy Page describes the expected impact of the proposed cuts, and explains what readers can do to try to stop them.

Comments on Proposed DHS Rules Regarding TANF and Medicaid (07/11/2003)
Comments on Proposed Rule Changes to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program (and related Medicaid Changes).

Testimony in Support of HB 107 (07/1/2003)
The Center for Public Policy Priorities appreciates the opportunity to testify in support of this bill. We provide the following background information for your information.

State Health Care and TANF Budget Cuts for 2004-05 (05/30/2003)
As the 78th Regular Session draws to a close, House Bill 1--the state budget for 2004-05--is nearing the stages of final approval by the House and Senate. This Policy Page describes some of the major social services cuts contained in the budget, which will spend less General Revenue than the 2002-03 budget spent.

HHS Funding: Senate vs. House Proposals for 2004-05 (05/13/2003)
Many programs and services for the neediest Texans remain unfunded in the Senate Finance or House budget proposals, or in both. While the Senate Finance Committee has invested significant amounts in Health and Human Services above what was included in the House Budget, major program and client cuts remain.

Information on Medicaid Simplification (04/10/2003)
Prior to SB 43 (in April 2001), 67% of the families of children subject to simplification reported earned income (the remainder were dependent on SSI disability, SSDI, or child support). As of January 2003, that percentage has increased to 79%. The children who lose out when bureaucratic hurdles are used to reduce caseloads are the children in working families " the ones we all want to reward.

Medicaid and CHIP Cuts Would Reduce 04-05 Texas Health Spending by at Least $10 Billion (03/28/2003)
On March 17, the Center for Public Policy Priorities released estimates of the local impact of $9.3 billion in Medicaid spending cuts proposed in the HHSC and DHS agency budgets, and posted all that information on our web page. We have now added to that information county-by-county estimates of various proposed cuts to CHIP.

Testimony on 12-Month Children's Medicaid Eligibility (03/18/2003)
The Center for Public Policy Priorities appreciates the opportunity to comment on HB 728, which would postpone the extension of 12-month continuous eligibility for Children's Medicaid until June 2005.

Simplified Eligibility for Children's Medicaid in Texas: A Status Report at Nine Months (03/5/2003)
This Policy Page presents the executive summary of a new report by the Center for Public Policy Priorities on the impact of Senate Bill 43 of the 77th Texas legislature, Children's Medicaid Simplification. The Center gratefully acknowledges the support of the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured in producing this report.

Handouts to Accompany Testimony on Congressional Conversion of Medicaid to Block Grant (02/25/2003)
Handouts to accompany testimony on HCR 58.

Testimony on Congressional Conversion of Medicaid to Block Grant (02/25/2003)
The Center for Public Policy Priorities appreciates the opportunity to comment on HCR 58, urging Congress to convert Medicaid to a block grant. While we share Chairman Delisi's belief that health care costs for all Americans " not just Medicaid " are out of control, we respectfully disagree that eliminating the federal commitment to share in the costs of health care for the poorest Americans will be beneficial for Texas.

House Bill 1868 by Coleman: Medicaid for Recent Legal Immigrants (02/1/2003)
HB 1868 would ensure that Texas exercises all available options under federal law to option to draw federal Medicaid and CHIP matching dollars for otherwise-eligible LEGAL immigrants who entered the U.S. on or after 8/22/96.

Update on Co-Payments for Adults in Medicaid (01/9/2003)
Provides a synopsis of changes.

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