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Recent TANF Publications

Welfare-to-Work Grants: New Funding Available to Texas and Local Communities (10/31/1997)
With the passage of the Balanced Budget Act (BBA) of 1997, $3 billion in new federal money is available to help states and communities move families from welfare to work. The state of Texas is eligible to receive up to $75 million of these funds in federal fiscal year (FFY) 1998 and at least $70 million in FFY 1999.

"Diversion" Ruling to Add Hurdles to Applying for TANF Assistance (08/12/1997)
On July 18th the Texas Department of Human Services (TDHS) considered and adopted as a proposed rule a significant change to TANF cash assistance eligibility policy. The proposed rule would require that all applicants for TANF assistance attend a "work orientation" session at the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to become eligible for assistance.

The TANF Block Grant and the State Budget (08/1/1997)
This Policy Page will report on the final decisions on allocation of the TANF block grant and provide details of how the TANF surplus was finally allocated.

Welfare Reform Legislation in the Last Days of the Session (05/22/1997)
This policy page will report on the status of key welfare reform legislation as the end of the session nears.

TANF Workgroup to Present Plan to Conference Committee (05/5/1997)
The TANF Workgroup of the Budget Conference Committee completed its deliberations on April 24th and produced a report of their recommendations last week. Read a summary of TANF Workgroup Recommendations (dollars in millions).

TANF Workgroup Begins Deliberations (04/16/1997)
Last Thursday the TANF Workgroup met for the first time to begin deliberations on the Senate and House TANF plans. This Workgroup will decide how Texas will allocate its TANF surplus. While many important initiatives are contained in both the House and Senate plans, pressures to supplant general revenue with TANF funds and to hold aside a contingency fund threaten to dramatically reduce the TANF funds available.

Welfare Bills are Moving (03/27/1997)
Thirteen bills are scheduled to be heard and public testimony taken. The bills scheduled for hearing include some very problematic provisions and some that would be positive changes to public assistance. Among them is HB 3431, the companion bill to SB 1067, the only legislation offering direct assistance with the impact of benefits cuts to legal immigrants.

House and Senate TANF Spending Plans Fall Short in Meeting Needs of TANF Recipients (03/14/1997)
The House and Senate are discussing proposals for spending the $393 millioni Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) surplus. Although both are good starting points, neither represents the final product. We anticipate further work on these plans, particularly in the Senate since the Finance Committee has not yet debated allocating TANF.

Health and Immigration Issues & the Federal Welfare Act: Texas Update (02/18/1997)
In this Policy Page we provide an update on the latest information regarding the provisions of the Welfare Act. The ultimate impact of a number of health-related provisions is not yet clear.

House and Senate Budget Committees Consider TANF Surplus (02/8/1997)
There is an estimated $358.2 million in excess TANF funds in the coming biennium. There is also the potential of excess state general revenue as well.

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