The center focuses on health care access, immigrants' access to services, food and nutrition, the state's eligibility and enrollment system, and TANF.

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Texas Moving Quickly to Submit State Plan for Welfare Block Grant (09/21/1996)
Since the passage of the federal Welfare Act last month, the governor and state agencies have been assessing the fiscal and policy implications of moving quickly to accept the new block grant funding and the policy changes that come with it. The first step in the process is the development and submittal of a state plan for the new Block Grant for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Only Your Calls Will Stop the Terrible Welfare Bill Now in Conference (07/26/1996)
The President is leaning toward signing the welfare reform legislation, but he is watching the public reaction closely. The time is now for you to make your voice heard.

Welfare Bill Nears Votes in House and Senate, Signature by Clinton Probable (07/17/1996)
The president has been unwilling to consider Congressional welfare reform proposals as long as they were linked to Medicaid reforms with which he disagreed. Last week, Congressional leaders decided to de-couple their welfare and Medicaid proposals and work to get a welfare reform bill to the president's desk before the August recess.

Welfare and Medicaid 'Reforms' Are Moving Again in Congress (06/7/1996)
Federal redesign of Medicaid, welfare, and related social services programs remains a hot topic in Washington. In recent weeks, several Medicaid and welfare bills have been announced and/or filed.

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