The center focuses on health care access, immigrants' access to services, food and nutrition, the state's eligibility and enrollment system, and TANF.

Recent Immigrants' Access to Services Publications

Immigrant Benefits Update (07/25/2002)
As part of its work to support the restoration of benefits to legal immigrants, CPPP surveyed emergency services providers to assess how restrictions on the use of federal and state funds to serve immigrants have affected these providers' ability to help immigrants. This Policy Page summarizes these developments and the results of our survey.

More Support Needed for Nutrition Funding in Farm Bill (04/12/2002)
Before the Easter recess in March, House and Senate conferees agreed to $6.4 billion over 10 years for the nutrition title of the Farm Bill. When they started meeting again earlier this week to decide which specific provisions to fund, the debate on legal immigrant benefit restorations really heated up. Consequently, these restorations are in jeopardy.

TANF & Immigrants in Texas: Lessons for Reauthorization (02/2/2002)
The 1996 federal welfare law created the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant and contained sweeping changes to immigrants' eligibility for basic cash assistance and other social support programs. Significant restrictions on eligibility were imposed and additional requirements for access to benefits were added.

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