The center works to identify and define the issues facing Texas' large low-income population. Whether it's documenting the actual amount of money it takes to support families' basic needs in every metropolitan area in Texas, or chronicling the real compromises working families make in order to survive, the center provides the data and the stories behind low- and moderate-income Texans.

Recent Family Economic Security Publications

Poverty and Uninsured Rates Remain High in Every Region of Texas (09/20/2012)

According to new Census Bureau data released today, poverty remained stubbornly high in every region of Texas last year, showing the continuing pain of the recession and underscoring the need for Texans to do more to protect this vulnerable population.

Access to Healthy and Affordable Food is Critical to Good Nutrition (03/19/2012)

The ability to afford a nutritious diet and get the right amount of exerciseâ€"the two factors critical to maintain a healthy weightâ€"is out of reach for many Texans living in low-income communities. In both urban and rural neighborhoods, a healthy diet may be hard to obtain due to a lack of supermarkets and other retailers of fresh, affordable food. And, many low-income neighborhoods offer inadequate opportunities for safe exercise, with community recreation areas on the decline. These factors are contributing to the alarming decline in the nutritional health of Texans and rising obesity ratesâ€"problems with significant health consequences and a hefty price tag for the state of Texas.

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