The center focuses on health care access, immigrants' access to services, food and nutrition, the state's eligibility and enrollment system, and TANF.

Recent Public Benefits Publications

Federal Welfare-to-Work Grants (12/3/1999)

In this Policy Page we describe early welfare to work program implementation problems, recent changes aimed at making the program less cumbersome, early program innovations, and give examples of Texas' programs.

Food Stamps Not Reaching Many Poor (09/30/1999)

County Estimates of Number of Poor Texans Receiving Food Stamps: 1995 vs. 1999.

TANF Spending for 2000-01 (09/3/1999)

This Policy Page sums up the policy decisions that led to the TANF spending plan included in the General Appropriations Act for 2000 and 2001, with a focus on how the TANF surplus was allocated. It also describes developments, such as the final TANF regulations issued by the federal government, that will influence how state agencies use TANF funds in the next two years and beyond.

Wrap-Up of 76th Legislative Session (07/9/1999)

This summary takes a quick analytic glance at the major issues affecting low-income families considered by the 76th Session: school finance, tax cuts, welfare, health care, and nutrition. Upcoming Policy Pages will elaborate on each of these issues individually in much more detail.

INS Issues Crucial Guidance on 'Public Charge' Policy (07/1/1999)

Many immigrants, both those with legal status and the undocumented, have avoided using basic public health services and emergency care due to fear, confusion, and misinformation about whether they would be denied a green card, denied naturalization, deported, or asked to repay the value of benefits. The new guidance establishes several important principles outlined in this policy page.

CHIP Bill Signed into Law (06/15/1999)

This policy page is a detailed summary of the new CHIP law and the related state employee coverage.

Summer Food Legislation Passes (06/2/1999)

This policy page outlines how this new legislation will help improve low-income children's access to the SFSP and what steps service providers and advocates can take to ensure families are aware of the summer food programs in their communities.

Whither Welfare as the Session Withers (05/20/1999)

With only days remaining in the current legislative session, the fate of an array of welfare policy changes will soon be told. This Policy Page provides a quick snapshot of where things stand on the various welfare policies and TANF funding issues we have been following this session.

House Passes Amended CHIP Bill (05/5/1999)

This Policy Page describes the amendments offered on the House floor, and how the adopted amendments may alter the bill as a whole.

TIES Progress Report (05/4/1999)

Although the ultimate design of the proposed Texas Integrated Enrollment and Services (TIES) project will depend on how much funding, if any, is appropriated by the Legislature, the TIES agency team continues to make progress. In response to legislators' concerns over the high cost of TIES and its impact on employee reduction and relocation, agency staff have developed several alternatives to the original TIES proposal. This Policy Page outlines these options and summarizes new developments and progress in the TIES project.

Omnibus Welfare Overhauled, Heads to Calendars (04/29/1999)

An update on CSHB 3639 by Chairman Elliott Naishtat.

Senate Sends CHIP Bill to House (04/23/1999)

This Policy Page summarizes the Senate and House Committee bills, highlighting the most significant changes made by the House.

76th Legislative Session: TIES Developments (04/13/1999)

This Policy Page describes funding proposals made by the House and Senate that will have to be decided by the budget conference committee later this session, and summarizes TIES-related legislation.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About HB 3639 (04/9/1999)

A brief but thorough guide to the Omnibus Welfare Reform Bill by Chairman Naishtat.

Welfare Bills Begin to Move (03/26/1999)

Summary of welfare "reform" proposals.

Anti-Hunger Bills in the 76th Legislature (03/23/1999)

Food Assistance for Legal immigrants, Funding to Expand the Summer Food Service Program, Nutrition Education and Outreach Opportunities to address childhood hunger and ensure nutrition assistance for needy families and communities.

Legislators Hear Center's TANF Proposals (02/12/1999)

TANF Investment Plan Presented to House Appropriations HHS Subcommittee.

Texas Will Submit State Plan for CHIP in February (01/21/1999)

Plan caps program far below potential.

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