Understanding U.S. Census Bureau Data on Poverty and Uninsured

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Frances Deviney /(512) 320-0222 x 106

September 10, 2012

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How Texas families fare when it comes to poverty and health care coverage affects the strength and overall physical and fiscal climate of our state. The Current Population Survey (CPS) and American Community Survey (ACS) data being released this month provide a picture of where Texas stacks up against others, giving us a sense of what it really takes for Texas families to get by, get ahead, and create a productive life for their children.

Income, benefits, and access to health coverage affect families’ ability to get by, and if we can provide the tools and opportunities for Texans to build a better life, we can build a better Texas for all of us. Because we all do better when we all do better.

The fact sheet linked above lays out the differences between the CPS (Sept. 12) and ACS (Sept. 20) and lets you know what to expect from us on each release date.