City of Austin Triples OpportunityTexas Tax-Time Savings Project

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January 18, 2012

OpportunityTexas, a joint project of CPPP and RAISE Texas working to expand economic opportunity through education and asset building, is entering its second year of promoting savings at community tax centers by providing incentives for low-income filers to save a portion of their tax refunds.

At a press conference Tuesday, January 17, the City of Austin announced that it will triple OpportunityTexas' $10,000 investment to Foundation Communities, the Austin tax site operator. The City of Austin will provide $20,000 to incentivize tax time savings and significantly boost the number of families that save a portion of their refund. In announcing the $20,000 grant, the Austin City Council also passed a resolution recognizing OpportunityTexas.

In 2011, OpportunityTexas funded tax-time savings projects in nine communities. These projects motivated 265 filers to save nearly $30,000 at tax time, more than double our initial investment. For the 2012 tax season, we expanded our projects to reach more savers in additional communities and encouraged local stakeholders to support tax-time savings as well.

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