Budget Reality Check

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Scott McCown /(512) 320-0222 x 109

May 5, 2011

2009 Letter to the Texas Legislature >>  
2011 Letter to the Texas Senate >>  

Two years ago, several groups sent a letter to the Texas Legislature urging the Legislature to save the Rainy Day Fund “to address future potential shortfalls as a consequence of the current economic downturn.” Now the same groups have sent a letter to the Texas Senate opposing the use of the Rainy Day Fund to address the current $27 billion shortfall caused in large part by the economic downturn.

These groups have lost touch with reality.The agenda of these extremists is not to save the Rainy Day Fund but to permanently reduce state spending in service to their agenda of ever lower taxes. Instead of pretending otherwise, these groups should just say what they really mean—they don’t care.