Analysis and Charts on the House Appropriation Committee’s Budget Proposal for 2012-13

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Eva DeLuna Castro /(512) 320-0222 x 103

March 25, 2011

HB 1 vs CSHB 1 Charts >>  
Overivew of CSHB 1 for 2012-13 >>  

The House Appropriation Committee’s proposed budget for 2012-13 would reduce total funding for state services by 12 percent compared to 2010-11, and by 14 percent for the General Revenue part of the budget. In a state that is already near the bottom in state spending per resident, the implications of cuts are even worse when Texas’s growing population and rising health care costs are taken into account.

In “current services” terms, the House budget proposes General Revenue cuts of 22 percent overall, and would leave billions of federal dollars for health care and other social services unmatched. This analysis outlines the major cuts proposed in CSHB1, the general appropriations act for 2012-13 as voted out of House Appropriations. Instead of a cuts-only approach, the House needs to take a balanced approach that spends the entire Rainy Day Fund and adds new revenue.